I bring you warm greetings from Management and the Advisory Board of Community Focus Foundation Ghana (CFF-Ghana). CFF-Ghana is an award winning Civil Society Organization (CSO) in Ghana, West Africa. It was established in the year 2013 and registered under Ghanaian Laws and regulated by the relevant state agencies. The Foundation’s intervention is a priority initiative which depends on RESEARCH and INNOVATION to promote development in an equitable manner. CFF-Ghana has a promising story to tell. Progress stories that inspires and gives hope are what you will be reading on this Website. Aggressive advocacy initiatives that resulted in evidence-based reforms are what you will be reading from our Website.

One critical goal of CFF-Ghana is to complement governments’ effort by contributing our quota for a transformed economy for jobs and inclusive
growth–that harnesses innovation, technology, and the potential of business to improve livelihoods. Distinguished reader, the time for strengthening our communities through collective advocacy to ensuring that the governance architecture prioritizes the needs of the citizenry is now more imperative. So much of what we seek to do in line with our Vision is to empower citizens to
demand accountability from duty bearers in all spheres of our development. Though a lot of progress and achievements have been made in various
areas towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a lot more needs to be done especially in many developing countries
such as Ghana. To be able achieve the global goals, collective actions are needed to be taken by UN Member countries as a sign of genuine and
representative country ownership of the seventeen (17) identified goals and their specific targets.

Interestingly, this is the philosophical foundation upon which CFF-Ghana’s interventions are hinged-on. The Foundation puts Sustainable Development and a people centered approaches at the core of its operations. Our concept and approach seeks to integrate effective governance mechanisms into our social, economic and environmental aspects of sustainability to meet the development aspirations of the people we are to serve. In doing so, we seek to forge a New Global Partnership with a spirit of solidarity, cooperation, and mutual accountability, which is centered around people, more particularly those affected by poverty including women, youth, the aged, disabled persons, and other vulnerable groups.
As a volunteer led organization, the Foundation expect to ride on the back of linkages created thus far to promote an effective, open and accountable
institutions for a prosperous Ghana, Africa and the World.

Thank you and God bless our humanitarian efforts!

Mr. Richard Kasu